about us

PDSyns by Prasanth is an architecture and interior design studio established in the year 1993 by the man himself. With over 25 years of experience in design, Prasanth is a dreamer turned visionary, who began by laying foundations over skies while building his visions from the ground up. With his understanding that the big art of design is to make complicated things simple, he brings his mottos to life through his work.

PDSyns’ focus as a company is centered around sustainable architecture and urban development, as can be witnessed in several of our projects’ infrastructure. With every project taken up by us and built to completion, we bring our highly nuanced style of design, our attention to detail, and the importance we give to spatial planning, all together to produce what you will behold, as extraordinary finesse.

The authenticity we strive to produce in our work has enabled us to build a network of partners, advisors and experts in a multitude of fields. Our unwavering work ethic and our service oriented approach to business has only strengthened these professional bonds further and these networks that we’ve cultivated span across India and stretch globally beyond our borders as well. We have the support of well known personalities and major corporate giants from an array of industries such as retail, fashion, automobile, healthcare, hospitality and education. We are proud to be associated with our partners and this in turn only goes to reiterate our reputable standing in the industry of design.

This is PDSyns by Prasanth.